Tribal Fusion Dance, S'mores, Hafla, Show Weekend!
This is a tentative schedule, it can change at anytime!!

Please bring your own Zills, Drums, Swords, and any extras you can to share. Mimi and I can only keep so much in our New York apartments :)

Some classes might be outside - weather permitting!

Camp Map
A map of the cabins, lodges and other buildings: download the camp map pdf

Schedule for 2018 coming soon!
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Here's the schedule for 2018. Thursday is a special add-on!!!
The schedule can change anytime. Class descriptions are below.

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Jill Parker

The Shimmy Inspector Shimmy Overhaul
Percussive loose shimmies are a trademark of Tribal and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. We are going to drill varieties of shimmies until your body doesn't have any choice but to understand the mechanics we're after! Think loose and gooey, fluid, earthy, in the pocket, sure fire shimmies. Jill will give you detailed instruction and drills for wiggling more excellence into your shimmy.

Jill's Drills that Kill!
In this workshop Jill demystifies challenging bellydance moves with concise explanations, visualizations and most importantly drills to tighten up your bellydance technique. This class will be sweaty, focused, encouraging and fun!

Luscious & Languid
Signature Jill Parker combinations with a focus on arms and pathways.


What Just Happened?!
Bagoas will teach a high energy Tribal Fusion choreography brimming with musicality, muscular isolation and attitude that will leave your audience wondering “What just happened?!” A wide range of movement will be used including layering, traveling, popping and locking, ticking, arm patterns and turns. Student will leave with a full choreography that they can perform as a whole, or dissect into to small combos to incorporate into their own choreographies.

Breath and Shadow
This workshop will break down the mechanics of the breath within the context of common belly dance isolations. Students will be coached through breathing exercises and techniques that can be used to develop phrasing and a broader range of movement options. These exercises will then be applied to short combos to help tie breath into movement. Bringing awareness to the breath allows dancers to increase their performance endurance, and to discover their potential slinkiness by adding that luscious, molasses-like aesthetic to choreographies and combos.

Alice Giampieri

THE PERFECT POTION - Tribal Fusion int/adv. level
Challenge yourself exploring new movements and dynamics, combining different styles like tribal fusion, popping and contemporary dance.There are all the ingredients in the choreography we are going to study: strength, pops and lock, legs movements, turns, undulations, suspensions, levels, shapes and poses. The correct dosage of all our elements guided by an attentive musical listening will be the secret for a perfect, organic and original dance style.

STRANGE FLOWERS - Tribal Fusion Vintage Cabaret - open level
Taking inspiration from 20's and 30's European dark cabaret we will proudly express our femininity, our darkest emotions and our wierdest desires. We will playing between them dancing new fun cabaret-fusion combinations.

Kaeshi Chai and Carmine

Dancing to Live Music
Learn the art of dancing to live music in a safe space with world-fusion belly dancer, Kaeshi Chai and musicians Carmine Guida on Oud, Kylie on Kanun, Casey Bond on percussion and more. Train your ears to tune into the intricate nuances of melody and rhythm and learn how to express your unique self and improvise with freedom and confidence.

Johanna Xenobia

Belly Dance Groove
Come get your 'groove' on with belly dance! Techniques & exercises will be used to integrate your body with the music, your body with other bodies, and stimulate your ability to improvise with the music. Let your soul come to light and fly!

Kylie Hilali

Taste of Morocco: Drumming, Clapping, and Chanting
In this class we will combine many elements of folk music from Morocco, including layered drum rhythms, clapping, chanting, singing and maybe even a little dancing. We’ll then put all the pieces together for a wild and crazy collaboration. Bring your frame drums, darbukas, riqs, and you can try out the qaraqab and tarijaat.

Drumming with Melody Instruments
In this workshop, you'll learn the drum part for basic Middle Eastern songs. Great for getting your jam on during a hafla or even accompanying someone during a show. This class is perfect if you know the basic rhythms. Other types of drums are welcome.

Pete List

Beatbox Basics
Beatboxing- (vocal percussion) the art of creating beats and rhythms using the human mouth. Learn the basics of beatboxing technique with Pete, including a variety of basic sounds, breath control and breathing techniques, mic technique, basic exercises for practice and stamina and several basic rhythms. Have a blast while learning to be your own personal soundtrack. If you have a mouth, you can beatbox… wikki~wikki -aw yeah!

Carmine T. Guida

Doumbek Battle Class
What happens if someone challenges you to a doumbek duel? Be prepared! Not exactly a class, but a super fun way to end the weekend.

  Dance classes - prior knowledge is recommended but not required as we will have some beginner classes.

Drum classes - We'll have drums to loan, but please BYOD (bring your own drums). Beginners are welcome, but knowledge of the basic hits and rhythms is needed for the more advanced classes.

Swap Meet - Items should be new or gently used, and belly dance related. This is not a vending opportunity, so please, no mass quantities of goods. One-of-a-kind items: flowers, jewelry, choli's, skirts, Melo's, DVDs, CDs, etc are all fine. You are responsible for your own goods and transactions - please bring small bills to make change. Please bring a tablecloth or veil to cover your space (optional), and please tag anything you'd like to swap or sell with a price, your name & your email or phone number (not optional ) If anything gets lost, we want to be able to locate you.

Dance classes are in a huge 10,000 sq. ft gorgeous gym!

Swap Meet!

Take a break with foosball, pool or games.